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Compliance and certification – pleasure or pain?

‘Compliance’ and ‘certification’: two words that will likely instil dread into most people who are busy building or running a business. Unless you are a die-hard, process-driven detail person, the very idea of analysing your entire business…


The Great British Insulation Scheme

What is The Great British Insulation Scheme? Designed to be complementary to the current ECO scheme, which is known as ECO4, The Great British Insulation Scheme (previously known as ECO Plus) has an anticipated spend of £1 Billion and improve…
Green Compliance - Simply Certification

Green Compliance

The need for "Green Compliance" has never been as urgent With the price of fuel escalating and the urgency to address climate change compliance around green standards has never been in as much demand.When we launched in 2020 it was our…
Getting PAS 2030 Right

PAS 2030, getting it right to protect your business

“I’ll send you my documents and you check it and then I get certified, right?”"Our installers are on a competent person's scheme so don't understand why PAS 2030 is needed"“Why can’t I send photos of the installations for…
How to achieve PAS 2030 Certification

How to achieve PAS 2030 Certification

How to achieve PAS 2030 Certification - gaining certification can be daunting for the first time, however it's just a case of getting all of the right elements in place before your assessment. Access our PAS 2030 checklist and 10 Steps to Certification.