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What is a gap analysis for the ISO 19650 standard and how can it help your organisation?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been around for a number of years; however, the formal adoption of meeting the internal ISO 19650 standard is still in its infancy.

Conducting a gap analysis for the ISO 19650 standard is a great way to understand how ready you are – and the best news is that it only takes a day!

Who is it for?

The ISO 19650 gap analysis day is designed for companies that are not sure if they are ready for assessment for ISO 19650 and would like to start their journey to gaining recognised certification.

Why conduct a gap analysis?

It is quite common that the ISO 19650 certification process is delayed due to most organisations being new to the standard. It is not unusual for them to feel overwhelmed about where to start and spend unnecessary time, money and resources trying to figure out what they need in place prior to moving forward for a formal assessment.

What is the gap analysis?

The gap analysis is a remote, shorter, lighter assessment which provides a high-level overview of a company’s readiness for certification and determines if it is ready to progress to a formal assessment.

Once a company has completed the gap analysis, it will have an easy-to-understand traffic light report defining the areas that require improvement to meet the standard. This straightforward report will provide a clear starting point so companies can move confidently on to the ISO 19650 certification process.

What are the benefits of the gap analysis?

Think of the gap analysis as a safety net. If a company that is not ready for certification goes ahead to a stage one assessment and has a number of non-conformances, then the assessor has the right to close off the assessment and rebook when the client is ready.

In short, it saves time and money!

How is the gap analysis delivered?

An ISO 19650 gap analysis is delivered over a remote session using Microsoft Teams. At Simply Certification, we have built up a network of worldwide assessors with the help of our partner, Plannerly, so we will be able to match you with a skilled and competent BIM and ISO 19650 expert who will carry out the gap analysis.

The session will last no longer than 6 hours.

What do I get at the end of the ISO 19650 gap analysis session?

At the end of the session, our assessor will finalise a report offline and send this to you. This will be in the format of an easy-to-understand traffic light system-style document against each of the clauses in the ISO 19650 standard.

It will detail where additional work needs to be done in order to meet the ISO 19650 standard and become assessment-ready.

What happens after the gap analysis?

Once you have addressed the findings in the report, you can then move on to the certification process.

The ISO 19650 certification process is a separate assessment and is carried out under a different scheme. The result of this is a 3-year certificate that will be recognised worldwide.

Where do I start?

It’s straightforward! Simply provide your details on our ISO 19650 gap analysis form and one of our team will be in touch with a quote and the next steps.