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“I’ll send you my documents and you check it and then I get certified, right?”

“Our installers are on a competent person’s scheme so don’t understand why PAS 2030 is needed”

“Why can’t I send photos of the installations for my technical inspections, they should do?”

These are frequent questions and statements that we hear regularly at Simply Certification when taking on new customers for PAS 2030.

The latest version of PAS 2030 along with PAS 2035 has been released to provide a more robust standard at an organisational level than its predecessors. The standard ensures best practice is followed throughout the installation journey which protects the owner/tenants of the property, public funding and ultimately ensures the building itself achieves the objective of becoming more energy efficient.

At Simply we work with our clients as their critical friend and provide a valuable assessment experience for PAS 2030 which will protect your business in the long run from claw backs and money lost through having to re-visit installations to put them right.

More than a certificate

We strongly believe that if you are paying for a third-party assessment to demonstrate you are compliant with any standard, the value is not just gaining a certificate. It is so much more.

Going through the process of gaining PAS 2030 certification should also help identify any areas of weakness that your business may have across its processes that could result in a high number of technical monitoring fails – that could ultimately cost your business tens of thousands in claw backs and remediation.

At a first glance, a light desktop check of documents, submitted photographs or a quick technical assessment may sound attractive in to gain certification quickly, but how would this really benefit your business?

Cutting corners to gain certification quickly, will actually be putting your business at risk.

Getting it right, saves you in the long run

Understanding the standard, ensuring you have the relevant framework and infrastructure in place and demonstrating you are following the standard will help ensure that you are protecting your business.

We have worked with a number of clients how have previously had poor assessments and unfortunately lead them down a pathway of gaining a high technical monitoring fails, only for the same certification body threaten to remove their certification without any further support.

Our approach is to support our clients to get it right, encourage them not to cut corners and provide a robust assessment that identifies any route causes that could lead to any damage to their business.

Although it may seem like hard work initially this leads to firm foundations and a compliant organisation that reaps the rewards.

Want to start your PAS 2030 journey with Simply?

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