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PAS 2035

PAS 2035 is a standard, not a certification

We get many enquiries asking how to gain certification for PAS 2035.

That’s the first main misunderstanding. PAS 2035 is a standard, however it is not a certification.

The reason behind PAS 2030:2019 and PAS 2035

Existing properties in the UK are the least energy efficient dwellings in Europe. With more than 50% of existing properties being built before 1965, the Government and large energy providers recognised that funding would be required to encourage home owners to make their properties more energy efficient.

This ‘Retrofit’ scheme needed to be created to ensure that funding would only be used on high quality installations, therefore PAS 2030 was introduced.

What is PAS 2030?

PAS 2030:2019 is the latest standard that was released in July 2019, with only a small number of certification bodies, including Simply, offering certification.

The standard sets out a range of requirements that need to be met to gain certification. Having this certification then allows installers to register onto the Green Deal Orb. Only if you are listed on the Green Deal Orb can your customers benefit from the Green Home Efficiency Scheme, which a property owner can get up to £5,000 of funding towards the cost of a new installation.

What is PAS 2035? 

In a nutshell it is the specification and guidance to the retrofitting of dwellings for improved energy efficiency. Every installer, to gain PAS 2030:2019 needs to demonstrate their ability to have a ‘whole house approach’ i.e. be able to plan an installation that considers the whole of the house; there is no point in getting a brand new boiler if the windows are performing poor.

For more information on PAS 2035 or PAS 2030:2019 contact our team today.

pas 2030 discount

We are excited to announce that we can now offer PAS 2030 Certification and that our first 30 home efficiency installer customers will benefit from a whopping 30% PAS 2030 discount.

As we have recently launched Simply, we are going through the motions to put in place UKAS accreditation for the standard and are able to offer PAS 2030 certification immediately.

Once we have gained UKAS accreditation we will then transition our customers to the UKAS accredited certification which won’t be long!

Our team are the UK’s leading experts in PAS 2030 and are ready and waiting to be able to support your business in gaining certification for the standard that will allow your organisation to provide funded home energy efficiency installation across the measures you choose.

For those who want to start off the process with Simply Certification we are offering a discount as a loyal supporter of our new and growing business.

Austin Gibbons, one of Simply Certification’s co-founders tells us:

“Our application has already began and we’re underway to gain the scope from UKAS across all PAS 2030 measures and also to become a TrustMark Scheme Provider.

We have an extremely strong team that that have many years of experience in the home energy efficiency sector who provide a first class service to our customers. Our ethos is to provide a friendly certification service that doesn’t overcomplicate. The new PAS 2030 standard can be daunting, our aim is to make the process straightforward, quick and actually enjoyable!

The eco market is growing significantly due to the recent Green Homes Grant and the opportunities for our clients are massive. We provide a collaborative and high value experience to assessments to ensure our customers gain the most from them.

As a thank you to our first 30 customers we have decided to provide a 30% discount of their initial application fee for them to register with us along with a payment plan to help our client’s budget.”

To start the process, simply complete our application form today.