TrustMark Licence Plus

TrustMark has launched a new scheme called Licence Plus.

Simply Certification are one of the first scheme providers to offer this.

Apply today or find out more by reading on.

An introduction to Licence Plus

The drive to meet net-zero targets combined with on-going increases in energy prices means that there is now a significant and growing demand for businesses that can carry out quality retrofit energy efficiency works in homes.

Licence Plus is a new scheme that provides a framework and customer protection for home owners who are self funding these types of installations and future schemes that don’t stipulate a need for PAS 2035.

Whats the difference with PAS 2030 and Licence Plus? TrustMark Licence Plus helps to demonstrate compliance and consumer protection when installing measures in the ‘Able to Pay’ retrofit market that don’t require PAS 2035.

Where as PAS 2030/35, MCS and TrustMark Registration are required for ECO4, LAD, HUG and SHDF and other national frameworks.

There is an option to add the scope for Licence Plus to any existing Simply Certification PAS 2030 certification holders and any new PAS 2030 applicants will be offered License Plus as part of their certification package.

You will need to be a TrustMark Registered Business to gain Licence Plus. We can offer TrustMark Registration and Licence Plus if you are not already a registered business.

What is TrustMark?

TrustMark Licence Plus

TrustMark is a Not-for-Profit and the only Government Endorsed Quality Scheme for works around the home. Gaining registration will help to increase confidence and trust in your business.

In the Autumn of 2022, TrustMark launched “Licence Plus” which is focused on giving the homeowner of the “able to pay” market confidence that their energy efficiency measure will carry a good level of protection.

Due to the assessment process that we have put in place for Licence Plus, a key benefit of choosing Simply Certification as your scheme provider, is that we ensure that this is a stepping stone towards your organisation gaining PAS 2030 you wish. This is a great advantage for those organisations who are new to the market, and want to progress onwards and offer installations under more funding schemes and contractor frameworks.

What is TrustMark Licence Plus?

Ideal for General Builders

Licence Plus is ideal for organisations who have a history of carrying out upgrades and refurbishments on existing properties and want to grow and future proof their business by offering recognised and compliant energy efficiency retrofits.

A certification scheme.

Licence Plus is a certification scheme, which when awarded, will demonstrate that your organisation meets a set of standards and that you can offer consumer protection for the retrofit of installation of energy efficiency measures.

Become part of a supply chain full of opportunities.

Having Licence Plus means that you can become part of a fast growth market – energy efficiency installation. There is need for more skilled contractors to get involved in supporting the drive for high quality installation of energy efficiency measures.

A pathway to PAS 2030.

Due to the assessment process Simply Certification have adopted for Licence Plus, our customers can continue their journey to eventually gain PAS 2030 if they wish and benefit from a wider range of funding schemes.

A pathway to PAS 2030.

Due to the assessment process Simply Certification have adopted for Licence Plus, our customers can continue their journey to eventually gain PAS 2030 if they wish and benefit from a wider range of funding schemes.

The benefits to those who have TrustMark Licence Plus?

Appear in the Online Directory which consumers use to search for installers of energy efficiency measures.

Enter into a high growth market where demand is predicted to grow.

Future proof your business. Gaining recognised certification for the retrofit of energy efficiency measures will ensure your organisation can compete in the changing construction and contractor market.

Becoming a TrustMark registered business, demonstrates to your customers that they have protection when choosing your services to install their energy efficiency measures.

Why choose Simply Certification for Licence Plus?

We understand that this may be a little daunting for organisations to gain registration or certification for any standard, however Simply Certification have a friendly approach to assessments:

  • We are the ONLY certification body that offers Licence Plus that specialises in certification across the built environment lifecycle, meaning we understand your organisation and challenges.

  • Our pricing is extremely competitive and straightforward. No hidden costs!

  • We work to integrate assessments for multiple standards, reducing impact on resource and budget.

  • Our people. From our assessors to our admin team, you will find us to be positive, friendly and helpful.

  • Our customers love working with us, as we ensure a personal touch and work with you, not against you.

  • We’re responsive and agile. We’ll work around your timeframe and needs and ensure an efficient assessment plan.

  • We work collaboratively with our customers, our assessments are an enjoyable experience and never dreaded!

  • We don’t tie our customers into contracts. They stay with us as they enjoy working with us.

  • Easy to understand audit reports delivered via our audit report system to help you manage any tasks that you need to address to gain or maintain certification.

The process


The beginning bit

  • Complete our application form which gathers customer information and data around the energy efficiency measures that you offer your customers.

  • We will provide a quotation once we receive your application form which is based on the information that you have provided. The assessment pathway will depend on if you are currently a TrustMark registered business with Simply or if you are new to the scheme.

  • If you want to proceed, simply accept the quotation by email.

  • An invoice will be issued and once your payment is made we move onto the next part.


The middle bit

  • Our assessment team will get in touch to discuss what exactly you need to do and answer any questions.

  • You will then provide the documents and information that your assessor requires and they will carry out your assessment as discussed.

  • If you are already registered as a TrustMark business with Simply, then technical assessments will not be necessary as you will have already had them. If you are new, we will need to arrange an onsite technical assessment of a live installation.


The ongoing bit

  • Once the live site inspections are complete and there are no major issues, your Licence Plus registration will be issued.

  • An annual review will be carried out to ensure that the correct number of inspections are being carried out to match the number of installs and surveillance visits will continue for as long as certification is valid.

  • All Licence Plus installations should then be lodged via the TrustMark data warehouse and will be subject to TrustMark compliance checks.

How Licence Plus lodgements work

At the core of Licence Plus is a commitment to delivering quality work and consumer protection. It includes the following requirements:

  • Providing a property assessment and pre-works Energy Performance Certificate
  • Ensuring a customer has impartial advice to make informed decisions
  • Agreeing a contract to deliver the agreed work
  • Providing a post-works Energy Performance Certificate to demonstrate the improvement
  • Providing financial protection for the work completed

To operate under Licence Plus, you will need to follow the process below to be compliant for all work carried out under Licence Plus. The flow chart below illustrates how this works:




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