ISO 19650 Certification

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ISO 19650 is the mark of an organisation that is demonstrating their commitment to BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Why do I need ISO 19650?

ISO 19650 is a series of international standards that define the processes for effective information management in the design, build and management of building assets, i.e Building Information Modelling.

Replacing PAS 1192 in 2019, it enables teams to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Achieving ISO 19650 certification demonstrates that your organisation adopts an internationally recognised standard for Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Large private and public sector construction tenders increasingly stipulate that organisations have ISO 19650 certification in order to qualify.

Working within this standard showcases that your organisation works towards best practice within a construction and facilities management program.

It also enables your business to reduce unnecessary costs through wasted resources and time.

What is ISO 19650?

ISO 19650 - Simply Certification

ISO 19650 is the international standard for Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The standard covers a range of aspects that you need to demonstrate including:

Information delivery to be clearly defined at the start of the project along with how the principles of how information management will be implemented

The communication of clear and effective information requirements to other organisations and individuals to specify or inform their work

Risk assessments for the delivery of the information during the preparation phase of the plan

Defined responsibilities in relation to activities and information deliverables and that it is understood by all parties

A collaborative approach to working with all other parties on the project

The benefits to those who have ISO 19650

Cost savings and reduce resource waste due to operating in a more efficient and effective way

Pre-qualification for tenders and contracts

Positive impact on your reputation and brand due to being seen as working to best practice

Working collaboratively with clients and partners developing positive and long standing relationships

Demonstrating compliance with influencers and stakeholders across public sector and large organisations

Reduce risk and potential contract penalties

Why choose Simply Certification for your ISO 19650

We understand that this may be a little daunting for organisations to gain or transition onto this new standard. However you are in safe hands.

  • Our people. From our assessors to our admin team, you will find us to be positive, friendly and helpful.

  • Our customers love working with us, as we ensure a personal touch and work with you, not against you.

  • We’re responsive and agile. We’ll work around your timeframe and needs and ensure an efficient assessment plan.

  • We work collaboratively with our customers, our assessments are an enjoyable experience and never dreaded!

  • We don’t tie our customers into contracts. They stay with us as they enjoy working with us.

  • Easy to understand audit reports delivered via our audit report system to help you manage any tasks that you need to address to gain or maintain certification.

  • Our pricing is extremely competitive and straightforward. No annual management fees and you can choose the day rate you want; with expenses or without, you decide.

The process


The beginning bit

  • First of all you need the relevant processes in place so that you are ‘assessment ready’. If you are unsure you can have a pre assessment gap analysis or if you need some third party help to do this.

  • Complete our online application to start the process off. This will gather information about your organisation so that we can provide an assessment plan to meet your business requirements.

  • We will issue a quotation based on the information you have provided in the application form.

  • If you want to proceed, simply accept the quotation by email.

  • We will run through the application to gain a deeper understanding of your business.


The middle bit

  • We will match you with one of our excellent auditors and book in your date for a “Stage One Assessment.” This assessment is a document review to ensure your processes meet the ISO 19650 standard.

  • Your “Stage Two Assessment” will also be programmed in, usually 4-6 weeks after your Stage One. This is a review of your day to day operations so that we can collect evidence to demonstrate your working practices are in line with your processes.

  • If there are no major non-conformances following from your Stage Two we will issue your certification. If there are non-conformances you will have 6 weeks to address them and provide proof.


The ongoing bit

  • Your certificate will be valid for three years. To retain validity, surveillance audits will be conducted in year two and three.

  • The surveillance assessment time is calculated as 50% of the time of your stage two and focused on assessing current/recent projects.

  • A recertification audit to continue into the next 3 year cycle will be booked in before expiry of your initial three year certificate to ensure there is no lapse in certification.

  • We always work closely with our clients to ensure they are happy with our service and have ongoing communications throughout your cycle to discuss any changes that may affect your certification.



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