PAS 2030 Certification

Our refreshing approach enables our customers to gain PAS 2030 certification.

PAS 2030:2019 is the most recent standard that has been put in place to ensure eco installers are operating to the highest quality for their customers.

Why do I need PAS 2030 Certification?

The Government and the larger energy providers are working towards an objective to ensure all existing properties are energy efficient by 2030. Contracts and funding schemes around the retrofit of energy efficiency measures in buildings are starting to stipulate that installers need to work to PAS 2030 certification.

Along with PAS 2035 and PAS 2038, PAS 2030 is best practice in energy efficiency installation for existing building stock. Installing to this standard provides your customers with the trust and confidence that your business is operating to a high quality.

Certification is always a benefit as it brings commercial opportunities, however there are other reasons why organisations are choosing PAS 2030 certification such as continuous business improvement, reducing risk and demonstrating social responsibility to climate change.

What is PAS 2030:2019?

PAS 2030 Certification

The standard covers a range of aspects including:

Training and qualifications of installers

Demonstrating an understanding of the PAS 2035 standard

Having work overseen by a ‘Retrofit Co-ordinator’

Having a set of procedures/processes in place that meet the standard

Yearly onsite surveillance inspections that cover a 1-10% of the work carried out by your organisation

The benefits to those who have PAS 2030:2019

Access to funding for your customers, meaning huge opportunities for growth for your business

Demonstrating high quality service to all your potential customers

Having a robust management system in place will benefit your business in terms of improvement, effectiveness and efficiencies

Gaining a competitive edge within your industry

Placed onto the Orb, providing more exposure to new customers

Reducing risk to our business due to higher degrees of competency

Why choose Simply Certification for your PAS 2030 Certification?

We understand that this may be a little daunting for organisations to gain or transition onto this new standard. However you are in safe hands.

  • Our customers love working with us, as we ensure a personal touch and work with you, not against you.

  • We are the UK leading experts on PAS 2030:2019.

  • We are extremely agile and responsive.

  • We don’t tie our customers into a contract, our customers choose to stay because they want to.

  • We have a fair, straight forward and transparent pricing policy and competitive.

  • We’re great people to work with, our team are known throughout the industry to support, help and work with customers – not against them!

The process


The beginning bit

  • Put in place your management system for PAS 2030:2019. As we are a certification body, we can’t provide consultancy, however if you need help to do this, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction of consultants that can help.

  • Complete our online application form which gathers customer information and data around the energy efficiency measures that you offer your customers.

  • We will provide a quotation once we receive your application form which is based on the information that you have provided.

  • If you are happy with our quote, simply sign and return the form.

  • An invoice will be issued and once your payment is made we move onto the next part.


The middle bit

  • You will be allocated one of our excellent PAS 2030 assessors who will get in touch to discuss what exactly you need to do and answer any questions.

  • Provide the documents and information that your assessor requires and they will carry out your audit as discussed.

  • You are half way there to gaining PAS 2030 certification. The next step is to have one of your installations assessed by one of our technical inspectors.


The ongoing bit

  • We will arrange to attend a live install to ensure you are installing to the PAS 2030 certification standards.

  • Once the live site inspection is complete and there are no major issues, a 12 month certification will be released.

  • We will arrange to carry out inspections on 1-10% of your installations so that your certification remains valid.

  • An annual review will be carried out to ensure that the correct number of inspections are being carried out to match the number of installs and surveillance visits will continue for as long as there certification is valid.

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