Flexi-Orb Scheme (NEW)

We are the first certification body that will be offering Flexi-Orb.

Launched in 2024, Flexi-Orb is recognised by UKAS and showcases that that you are a business that is both technically capable of installing renewable technologies and whilst also operating to quality standards, meaning a solid offering to consumers.

Currently covering EV Chargers, Solar PV and Electrical Energy Storage, Flexi-Orb is a fantastic choice for the business who is serious about sustaining good business practice and wants to showcase their all round commitment to quality.

Why do I need Flexi-Orb?

The Government and energy providers are working towards an objective to ensure we meet the net zero target.  Many contracts and funding schemes around the renewable energy efficiency technologies need to be certified to a recognised standard.

Flexi-Orb is best practice in renewable energy installation for new and existing buildings. Installing to this standard provides your customers with the trust and confidence that your business is delivering to a high and recognised quality.

Certification is always a benefit as it brings commercial opportunities, however there are other reasons why organisations are choosing Flexi-Orb such as continuous business improvement, reducing risk and demonstrating social responsibility to climate change.

What is Flexi-Orb?

The Flexi-Orb scheme does differ from other schemes such as MCS as it has a strong focus on Business Processes as well as Technical Competency. The assessment process covers:

Competency, training and qualifications of the installers for each technology

Demonstrating an understanding of the Flexi-Orb scheme

Ensuring a validated design for each specific installation

Having a set of procedures/processes in place that meet the scheme across business and installation

Regular inspections to reduce your risk and support your ongoing commitment to quality

Customer care and legislation including technology performance calculations

The benefits to those who are part of the Flexi-Orb scheme

Accessing supply chains under larger energy providers and principle contractors, meaning opportunities for growth for your business

Demonstrating a robust business aswell as high quality installs to all potential customers

Having a robust management system in place will benefit your business in terms of improvement, effectiveness and efficiencies

Gaining a competitive edge within your industry

Placed on a membership list providing more exposure to new customers

Reducing risk to our business due to higher degrees of competency

Why choose Simply Certification as your Flexi-Orb Scheme Provider?

We understand that this may be a little daunting for organisations to gain or transition onto this new standard. However you are in safe hands.

  • Our turnaround time, we are extremely agile and responsive.

  • We have a fair, straight forward and transparent pricing policy.

  • Our customers love working with us, as we ensure a personal touch and work with you, not against you.

  • We offer multiple standard certification, helping you to streamline assessments and certification needs.

  • We are the UK leading experts on renewable energy and de-carbonisation compliance and certification

  • We don’t tie our customers into a contract, our customers choose to stay because they want to.

  • We’re great people to work with, our team are known throughout the industry to support, help and work with customers – not against them!

The process


The beginning bit

  • Ensure that you have the right processes in place for Flexi-Orb. As we are a certification body, we can’t provide consultancy, however if you need help to do this, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction of consultants that can help.

  • Complete our online application form which gathers information and data around the Flexi-Orb technologies that you would like to offer your customers.

  • We will provide a quotation once we receive your application form which is based on the information that you have provided.

  • If you are happy with our quote, simply sign and return the form.

  • An invoice will be issued and once your payment is made we move onto the next part.


The middle bit

  • You will be allocated one of our excellent assessors and a head office assessment and technical inspection for your technologies will be scheduled.

  • You will need to show your quality management system as part of your head office assessment and also and installation at location where your chosen technologies have been installed.

  • We attempt to inspect two technologies in one day. If you have 3 technologies to inspect, this will take 2 days of assessment.


The ongoing bit

  • Once the technical site inspection is complete and any non conformances that have been identified have been addressed and verified a 12 month certification will be released.

  • To retain certification we will arrange to carry out surveillance assessments, this will be calculated and provided to you post certification.

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