Gaining PAS2030 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The installation of energy efficient measures is a market that is growing fast. Gaining PAS 2030 enables you to tap into the vast opportunities that are existing now and the future.

Find out how to gain PAS 2030.

Gaining PAS 2030 is a straight forward process, you just need the right elements in place

Gaining certification for the standard will open up many doors for your business. There is a huge drive to get existing homes more energy efficient to meet the targets of the UK being carbon neutral. To get these homes up to standard, millions of pounds of funding is around in the form of public and private sector contracts and through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). However to benefit from these opportunities you need to be PAS 2030 certified.

PAS 2030 Certification

PAS 2030 isn’t as complex as you may think and you probably just need a little more clarity around what it entails:

The first step is to make sure you have a Quality Management System (QMS) in place that meets the standard. We have a network of approved consultants if you need help with this.

A Quality Management System (QMS) in simple terms is ‘paperwork’. This paperwork is in the form of company policies, working procedures and forms. You need to complete this paperwork to demonstrate that you are meeting the standard of PAS 2030.

The next step is to ensure that you have a qualified Retrofit Co-ordinator to oversee the assessment and design aspect before any work under PAS 2030 commences. They need to follow the PAS 2035 standard which is all about the assessment and design of the installation. If you don’t have a Retrofit Coordinator, we can put you in touch with a range of companies who can provide this service.

Next you need to ensure competence of all of your installers and operatives. This means they need to have the relative qualifications and certifications to carry out the measures which you are installing.

To make sure you are compliant you will need the relevant documentation to prove that you are insured correctly. You will also need an Insurance Backed Guarantee provider in place so that your customer benefits from a guarantee of your work.

To progress to assessment for certification, you just need to complete our online application. Once our PAS team receive this, they will be in touch to provide a price and a quotation for the assessment process.

Once you gain certification, there are so many benefits!

There is a little leg work required to make sure you have all the right foundations in place, however most of the elements required, you probably already have! It’s just a case of formalising this all to get your business to a place where it is fully compliant. Gaining PAS 2030 provides you with so many more benefits, opportunities and will help your business enter and become successful in a growing market.

PAS 2030 will help demonstrate high quality service to all your potential customers

It will ensure that you qualify to install under various schemes such as ECO as well as pre-qualifying for tenders

Additional visibility due to being included on the TrustMark website so new customers can find you

Having a robust management system in place will benefit your business in terms of improvement, effectiveness and efficiencies

Gaining a competitive edge within your industry, opening up new opportunities

Reducing risk to our business due to higher degrees of competency

Gaining PAS 2030 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A QMS (Quality Management System) is a set of documents (processes, policies, procedures, forms) that supports the operations of your business. Your QMS for PAS 2030, needs to demonstrate your business is in line with the standard. It should include: Insurance documents, training/qualifications of your employees/subcontractors, your installation process, customer charter, documentation relating to your installations and more. We can provide you with a full checklist, email for a copy.

Step #1 Complete a PAS 2030 Application form. From here you will receive a full quotation.

Step #2 When you feel you are ready to proceed, you will receive a detailed checklist that you will submit to our team to self evidence that you have all the elements in place in your QMS.

Step #3 Your head office assessment will then be scheduled. This will be conducted via Teams or on site. Depending on the size of your business the assessment will last typically one day.

Step #4 The next stage is an onsite Technical Inspection for the measures which you are applying for. An assessor will carry out a technical assessment.

Step #5 The assessment reports will be passed to our verification and decision making team.

Step #6 Certification will be issued.

There are many factors that impact the certification timeline, these are largely on our customer side as we have set timeframes that we work within that ensures we provide the excellent customer service and to manage your expectations.

The time frames are detailed below:

  • Once you have paid, we will contact you within 72 hours to arrange your assessment dates.
  • Assessment reports will be submitted no more than 48 hours after the event. This is also when you will receive details of any non-conformances found.
  • When you respond to a non-conformance, we will review your evidence no later than 10 working days.
  • When all non-conformances are closed, we will send your reports for independent Technical Verification. We will complete this within 5 working days.
  • Once the Technical Verification is complete, we will complete our Certification Decision Making Report. We aim to have this completed within 5 working days.
  • Upon the decision to grant certification, we will produce your certificate which must pass our quality checks. We aim to have this completed within 5 working days.

The above time frames will be longer for the following reasons:

  • Poor evidence is submitted to us against any raised non-conformance resulting in these being rejected and having to be re-submitted.
  • Additional non-conformances are raised during Technical Verification and Certification Decision Making.

We always work to ensure a smooth assessment process as possible. The key to keeping the timeline as short as possible is to be ready!

We will send you a checklist prior to head office assessment, so if you have all of the relevant foundations in place, all of the relevant documentation in place within your QMS and installers all have the relevant competency, this will ensure the quickest route to certification.


However it’s important to note that you will not be able to lodge on TrustMark if a technical inspection has not been carried out.

It is a TrustMark requirement, that us (as your scheme provider), has carried out a technical inspection before you can lodge any installations on TrustMark.

We offer “Capability and Competency” assessment (if you do not have a live installation to inspect). In order to gain certification using this pathway you will need to sign a contract to state that you will inform us of your next installation(s) so we can attend which will then enable you to lodge your installation on TrustMark.

As we are a UKAS accredited certification body, we are not allowed to provide consultancy support to get you ready to be assessed. We have to remain impartial to meet our own requirements as certification body.

However we have a list of experienced consultants that we can put you in touch with if you do need more support.

Contact us at

One of the requirements to gain certification is to have access to the standard. You can access this via BSI

No. We will not issue certification until all your non conformances are closed out and your assessment has been through a decision making and verification process.

You have 21 days to close the non-conformance.

Should 21 days pass you will be required to ask us for an extension.

When we carry out an assessment or technical inspection, we sometimes find non-conformances.

These are areas identified that don’t meet the standard. They can be either minor or major.

All non-conformances are allocated to your nominated representative via our reporting system ‘Audit Comply’.

Your representative will receive an email from Audit Comply letting them know a non-conformance needs to be actioned.

You will then open the non-conformance via the link provided and provide the additional evidence requested including noting your corrective action, preventative action and root cause.

Once you are happy with the information you have provided please click ‘submit’.

If you do not click submit we will not get a notification that you have actioned your non-conformance.

Once we receive notification you have actioned your non-conformance, your assessor/inspector will review your evidence and either accept it which will close the non-conformance, or decline it requiring you to submit further evidence.

No. All non-conformances must be submitted via Audit Comply in order to ensure we have a robust audit trail.

It is very likely this will be the case, which is why it is important that your organisation is ready for assessment prior to moving forward to certification.

We will always work with you to try and keep the process as quick as possible, however the more non-conformances you have it is likely that this will impact the time to certification.

In short it can be anything between 4 weeks to 40 weeks.

We have to complete an end to end assessment before certification can be released and we will always aim to get you through the process as quickly as possible.

In essence the time it takes lies in your hands and how ready you are as an organisation.

The key areas that will slow you down gaining certification is your organisation not being compliant/ready for assessment and having a high number of non-conformances.

Also not having any technical inspections available to inspect will also slow down gaining certification.

What qualifications do my installers and team need for PAS 2030?

Competency is the main point of difference from previous versions of PAS 2030. The reason being, is that it is vital that consumers are protected and the installations deliver what they should – to make the property energy efficient.

The list below outlines the qualifications needed for each of the roles and energy efficiency measures.

  • Retrofit Coordinator

    Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination

  • Retrofit Installer - Insulation Measures

    Level 2/3 NVQ in Insulation and Building Treatments (with the relevant pathway for each measure)

  • Retrofit Installer - Gas measures

    Registered on the Gas Safe Register and have completed the relevant qualifications, e.g CENWAT

  • Retrofit Installer - Electrical Measures

    18th Edition

  • Retrofit Installer - Glazing measures

    A member of FENSA

  • All installers and labourers

    Manual Handling, Working at Heights (if relevant to measure), Gas Safety, Confined Spaces (if relevant to measure) and Asbestos Awareness

Gain PAS 2030

The certification process to gain PAS 2030


The beginning bit

  • Put in place your management system for PAS 2030:2019. As a certification body, we can’t provide ‘consultancy’, but if you need help to do this, get in touch as we have a number of organisations that we know who can help you.

  • Complete our online application form which gathers customer information and data around the energy efficiency measures that you offer your customers.

  • We will provide a quotation once we receive your application form which is based on the information that you have provided.

  • If you are happy with our quote, simply sign and return the form.

  • An invoice will be issued and once your payment is made we move onto the next part.


The middle bit

  • You will receive a PAS 2030 Pre Assessment Checklist. You will need to work through this and submit to us so that we know that you are ready for your head office assessment.

  • You will be allocated one of our excellent PAS 2030 assessors who will get in touch to discuss what exactly you need to do and answer any questions, and book in your Head Office Assessment.

  • The head office assessment will progress on the agreed date, which will involve going through your QMS and answering a range of questions around your processes.

  • You are half way there to gaining PAS 2030 certification. The next step is to have one of your installations assesessd by one of our technical inspectors.


The certification bit

  • We will arrange to attend a live install to ensure you are installing to the PAS 2030 standards.

  • Once the live site inspection is complete and there are no major issues, your report will go to our verification and decision making team, where a 12 month certification will be issued once they have reviewed the assessment reports.

  • We will arrange to carry out inspections on 1-10% of your installations so that your certification remains valid.

  • An annual review will be carried out to ensure that the correct number of inspections are being carried out to match the number of installs and surveillance visits will continue for as long as there certification is valid.

Why choose Simply Certification for your PAS 2030 Certification?

  • Our customers love working with us, as we ensure a personal touch and work with you, not against you.

  • We are the UK leading experts on PAS 2030:2019.

  • We are extremely agile and responsive, we will work with you to get you through the process as quickly as possible.

  • Other certification bodies tie clients into contracts; we don’t, our customers choose to stay because they want to.

  • We have a fair, straight forward and transparent pricing policy and we are the most competitive in the market.

  • We’re great people to work with, our team are known throughout the industry to support, help and work with customers – not against them!

Complete our online application to start your journey

If you feel you are ready, simply complete our PAS 2030/TrustMark application to start your journey. However you may feel like you are not quite ready – so on this page we have a few resources to help you on your way.

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