TrustMark Registration Application

Complete our online application below for TrustMark to start your certification/registration process.

If you are installing energy efficiency measures, you can also apply for MCS and PAS 2030 at the same time.

Why do I need TrustMark?

Having TrustMark registration means that your business will stand out as a Government endorsed quality business.

Your customers will be assured right from the outset that you are working to the highest standards and recognised for quality trading practices and customer service.

Becoming a TrustMark business means that you will be able to offer finance options to your customers!

You will have access to options on specific jobs from £500 to £25,000 in value, meaning you will remove any financial barriers for your customers.

Certification is always a benefit as it brings commercial opportunities, however there are other reasons why organisations are choosing MCS certification such as continuous business improvement, reducing risk and demonstrating social responsibility to climate change.

What happens next?

TrustMark Licence Plus

Once you have submitted your application:

Our team will review your application and provide a price for your initial assessment and certification.

You will receive an electronic quotation, if you are happy to progress, accept the quotation and invoice will be issued.

Once paid, our team will book in your inspections and provide you with an overview of the process.

The assessment will be conducted and the report submitted via our online audit portal. If there are any non conformances, you will need to address these and submit evidence of this.

Once all non conformances are closed out, the report will be issued to our verifier and then decision maker. If there are no further issues, a 12 month certificate will be issued.

The benefits to those who have TrustMark Registration

Access to more opportunities within the UK supply chain due to having the right certification and registration

Being able to operate under various funding schemes such as ECO Plus and ECO4

Demonstrating high quality service to all your potential customers, therefore growing trust and confidence

Having a process in place that are regularly assessed will benefit your business in terms of improvement, effectiveness and efficiencies

Gaining a competitive edge as a high quality contractor within your industry

Reducing risk to our business due to higher degrees of competency

Why choose Simply Certification as your TrustMark Scheme Provider

A responsive, friendly and reliable certification body, find out why you should choose Simply:

  • Our customers love working with us, as we ensure a personal touch and work with you, not against you.

  • We offer multiple standard certification, helping you to streamline assessments and certification needs.

  • Our growing customer base from referrals and recommendations is a testament to our expertise in Certification for the Built Environment Lifecycle.

  • We are extremely agile and responsive.

  • We don’t tie our customers into a contract, our customers choose to stay because they want to.

  • We have a fair, straight forward and transparent pricing policy and competitive.

  • We’re great people to work with, our team are known throughout the industry to support, help and work with customers – not against them!

Did you know we offer a range of other certifications and registrations that will help your organisation? Let us know if you are interested in finding out more:


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