Last update: 6 September 2023


SC Limited (SC) is an independent certification body for

  • Installation of Energy Efficiency Measures (PAS 2030)
  • Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)
  • Flexi-Orb
  • Building Information Modelling – BIM (ISO 19650)
  • Quality (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management systems (ISO 45001)
  • Information Security Management (ISO 27001)
  • Energy Management (ISO 50001)
  • Business Continuity (ISO 22301)

to recognised international and national standards.

We operate under the direction of a Governing Board in compliance with ISO 17021, ISO 17065 and associated EAC Guidelines and our procedures are administered in a non-discriminatory manner.


  1. The client should have a fully operational management system in line with the standard you are being assessed to including controlled and up to date documents.
  2. The client will provide Simply with a copy of the Management System Manual and other documentation as requested.
  3. The client will grant permission for the conduct of an assessment by qualified assessors carrying out an assessment in two stages according to the agreed program.
  4. The client will grant permission for UKAS and/or TrustMark to access data as required and attend assessment audits as required to verify the competence of Simply assessors.


To book in assessments, training, or consultancy 100% of the invoice costs should be settled.

For certification services, certifications will only be issued once full payment has been made.

Cooling off period

As long as an assessment has not been confirmed or began (if so refer to our Cancellation Policy), you can cancel this agreement within 14 days under our cooling off period and you are entitled to a full refund.

Post 14 days and if you have not booked in or begun the assessment process and decide not to proceed at this stage, we will hold monies within credit ready for when you do wish to progress your application for certification.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a booked assessment within 48 hours of the assessment 100% fees non-refundable
Cancellation of a booked assessment two – thirty days prior to the assessment 50% non-refundable
Application withdrawal within 14 days of application being accepted May be eligible for a partial refund. A review of the % refunded will be based on work carried out on the certification process to that point.
Void Fee, for failure to be present or available when the assessor / auditor has attended at the scheduled appointment 100% fees non-refundable


Safety is important to us, and we ask that you tell us about safety requirements prior to the initial visit.

Should protective equipment be required then you must supply it to us for the purposes of our work at your premises.


Termination of agreement

Both parties shall have the right to terminate the agreement at any time by giving three months’ notice in writing, or immediately should:

  • The other party breach any of the conditions of certification and fail to remedy that breach within 30 days of being required to do so, or such other period as may be specified in writing.
  • The other party repeat a material breach of the conditions of certification which it has been previously required to remedy.
  • The other party become insolvent or enter into liquidation or has a receiver appointed or suffer any similar action as a consequence of debt.
  • Upon such termination all fees and other payments shall become immediately payable and any certificate of registration issued by us shall be invalidated with effect from the date of termination.
  • Upon withdrawal of certification, the client will discontinue its use of all advertising matter that contains reference to the relevant certification issued by SC.
  • Both the certificate and the rights to use the SC registered symbol remain our property.

Changes to your organisation

The client will inform us in writing, without delay of matters effecting the capability of the managements system to continue to fulfil the requirements of the standard used for certification.

These include, for example

  • Changes relating to the legal, commercial, organisational status or ownership, organisation and management (e.g. key managerial, decision-making, or technical staff).
  • Contact address and additional sites.
  • Scope of operations under the certified management system.
  • Major changes to the management system and processes.
  • Information on incidents such as a serious accident, or a serious breach of legislation necessitating the involvement of the competent regulatory authority.

Circumstance beyond yours/our control

SC shall be relieved of liability should either or both parties become unable to carry out their obligations as a result of any matter beyond their reasonable control and which was not to be reasonably foreseen.


All information obtained by either party as a result of our mutual involvement in the certification process shall be held as confidential and not disclosed to any other party unless required as part of the certification process and agreed by both parties.

This confidentiality undertaking shall continue for 90 days after termination of this agreement.

Use of mark of certification/registration

Rules governing the use of the SC registration mark and certification icons will be issued with the certificate and must be complied with.

SC have the right to exercise the control the use and display of licenses, certificates, marks of conformity, and any other mechanisms for indicating a product is certified.

Incorrect references to the certification scheme, or misleading use of licenses, certificates, marks, or any other mechanism for indicating a product is certified, found in documentation or other publicity, shall be dealt with by suitable action.

Complaints and feedback

We have a customer compliant policy in place and being a customer focused organisation, your feedback is exceptionally important to us.

Any complaints should be raised immediately with our head office team so they can log your complaint and appropriate actions will be followed up.

We ask that every client completes our short “post service” online feedback form that will be issued to help us identify areas of improvement.


Suspension or withdrawal of certification

The Certificate may be withdrawn or suspended for any of the following reasons

  • Breach of any of these terms.
  • The client’s certified management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification requirements
  • Failure to apply corrective action because of non- conformities found at assessment or surveillance visits.
  • Continued logo misuse.
  • Failure of the customer to settle any outstanding invoice’s within the required invoicing term.

In the event of withdrawal or suspension of certification the customer shall discontinue any reference to their certification across their platforms.

The customer shall return all certification documentation to our offices.

SC will make public to all interested parties the status of the certification.


In the event of a dispute or as a result of an unsuccessful application, you have the right of appeal. The appeal must be sent to the SC to review.

SC’s procedure for complaints, disputes and appeals can be made available on request.

The Flexi-Orb Scheme Rules

Our terms and conditions also include comply with the membership requirements, and scheme rules 

Instructions For Use By The Certified Installer

Following the certification by the Simply Certification to the requirements of the Flexi-Orb Installation Scheme FLX-INS 001, you are permitted to use the certificate and certification logos (hereinafter referred to as ‘the certification marks’) provided by the us in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. The certification mark shall not be changed in any way whatsoever, including changing wording, colours or aspect.
  2. The certification mark must not be used on product or product packaging, or in any other way which might be interpreted as denoting product or service conformity.
  3. The certification marks must not be applied to laboratory tests, calibration or inspection reports.
  4. You must conform to Flexi-Orb’s requirements and brand guidelines when making reference to your certification status or when using the certification marks within any kind of communication media, including the internet, brochures or advertising, or other documents.
  5. You must not make or permit any kind of misleading statement regarding your certification, nor permit the use of a certification document, or part thereof, in a misleading manner including any statement which misrepresents the scope or scale of your certification.
  6. The Certified Installer must not imply that certification applies to any sites or activities beyond those which have been certified.
  7. If certification is withdrawn or suspended, the Certified Installer shall immediately discontinue the use of all advertising matter that refers to the certification.
  8. If the scope of the certification is reduced, any advertising material affected by this shall immediately be amended accordingly.
  9. The Certified Installer shall ensure that the certification is not referred to in a way which implies that it incorporates activities outside the scope of certification.
  10. You shall not use the certification in a manner which would bring the Certification Body the Flexi-Orb Scheme into disrepute or lose public trust.
  11. Flei-Orb and/or Simply Certification shall take action, including legal action, to deal with any contravention of the above instructions.

Where The Certification Mark Can Be Used

  1. Marketing material, including brochures, advertisements, case studies, annual reports and Powerpoint presentations.
  2. Websites, e-mails and social media sites.
  3. Corporate stationery, invoices and quotations for work.
  4. Vehicles
  5. Internal or external buildings.
  6. Flags and banners.

Where The Certification Mark Cannot Be Used

  1. Goods or products (including services)
  2. Packaging and labels
  3. Test or calibration certificates
  4. Training certificates
  5. Joined to, or otherwise suggesting a relationship with, other certification marks

The International Organisation For Standardisation (ISO) And UKAS Logos

Neither the ISO nor the UKAS logos shall be used by the Certified Installer, nor in any way imply that your organisation is ISO or UKAS endorsed.