PAS 2030 Installer Scheme

PAS 2030 Installer scheme

PAS 2030 Installer Scheme  | What it is

The PAS 2030 Installer Scheme is a generic term used to refer to the process of gaining PAS 2030 certification and then accessing funding for the benefit of the home owner.

PAS 2030 lays out a set of requirements that is adopted by Green Deal and Eco installers to ensure that the low carbon energy measures they install in homes are to a high standard.

PAS 2030 | How to gain certification

To become part of the PAS 2030 Installer Scheme there is an element of preparation to get assessment ready. Once you are assessment ready, you can then engage with a certification body to carry out your assessments for PAS 2030 certification and TrustMark registration.

Getting assessment ready

There are two steps to becoming assessment ready:

  1. Quality Management System
    • You will need to implement a quality management system (set of documents, policies and procedures) that demonstrates that it meets the standard.
  2. Skills competency
    • Dependant on the measure that you are going for, you will need to demonstrate that there is the correct vocational qualifications and up to date health and safety training in place.
    • This includes having a qualified Retrofit Co-ordinator/Assessor as part of your installation process


Once you are assessment ready, you can engage with a Certification Body to carry out the relevant audits for certification:

  1. UKAS Certification Body Assessment
    • A UKAS accredited certification body will need to carry out an audit on your management system and technical inspections (pre, mid and post installation) on a sample of your installations.
  2. TrustMark Registration
    • You will then need to gain TrustMark Registration via a TrustMark Scheme Provider. Usually your Certification Body is also a TrustMark scheme provider.

What are the benefits to becoming part of the PAS 2030 Installer Scheme?

In a nutshell the commercial benefits are huge for your organisation. The government funding is helping home owners to be able to afford to update their energy efficiency measures, meaning many more opportunities for eco installers. There are other benefits too. Organisations who have PAS 2030 certification have proven their competency, skills and quality of installs – meaning much higher degrees of trust and confidence in your organisation.