ISO … why bother?

Investing in a management system and certification has a huge range of benefits.

#1 Reduces risk of legal issues

Nine times out of ten, gaining and maintaining a healthy profit margin is a key objective of a businesses. Whether applicable to your business type or a wider requirement such as GDPR – staying compliant will reduce unnecessary waste of company profits having to pay out legal fees or fines. Standards such as ISO 27001  (Information Security Management) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety) are a great way to embed a set of process that will protect your business and reduce any risk associated with non compliance of legislation.

#2 Future proof your business

If you look back, even just this last 12 months, you will have felt huge changes in our working environment. For the survival and success of your business, it is vital that it is managed in line with the current environment. There are a huge range of external factors that can impact the success of your organisation these could be political, environmental, social, economical, technological and legal, Having a management system in place that is constantly reviewing these factors ensures that your can put in place strategies to either take advantage of any changes or to proactively protect it, giving you a competitive advantage.

#3 Increases effectiveness and efficiencies

Standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality) enable a business to identify areas of improvement across it’s operations and be able to spot where there are better ways to carry out activities. The standard ensures regular reviewing of customer handling, supply chain appraisals and spotting and identifying risks to name but a few. All of these factors enable a business in continuously improve.

#4 Great material for marketing

When our clients gain certification one of the first things we provide them is with our marketing pack on how to shout about it – certification is something to celebrate!

Showcasing your business is built on firm foundations is a great selling point. Ask yourself, who would your potential buyers rather choose? A business that is structured and has formal processes in place that meet international standards… or a business that just wings it?

Being compliant demonstrates that you have high ethical standards and practices in place. What a great story to tell your stakeholders.

#5 Increases Trust and Confidence

Trust and confidence are huge factors when it comes to choosing a supplier and then continuing to stay with them.

By having in place management systems that proactively identify areas of risk so that they can be addressed, helps a business streamline their services so that the customer has less of a chance to experience an issue when dealing with your organisation – resulting in a higher customer life time value.

#6 Reduces employee churn

Engaged employees are less likely to have negative feelings towards their employer. If they feel that their contributions are valued, that they are safe in their roles and that who they work for is a responsible employer, the propensity for them to seek employment elsewhere, reduces significantly.

The cost of recruiting (time and budget) is extremely high. This can be avoided through having standards in place that encourage employee engagement.

Where do I start?

In the first instance you need to decide which are the most relevant standards for your business.

The most common standard is ISO 9001 (Quality), however more businesses are looking to implement additional standards such as ISO 14001 (Environmental), ISO 45001 (Health and Safety) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management).

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