How to achieve PAS 2030 Certification

How to achieve PAS 2030 Certification

In order to gain PAS 2030 certification you will need to ensure you have carried out preparation work that ensures that you meet the standard.

This falls into three key areas:

1. Quality Management System (QMS)

You will need to have in place a workable documentation system that stores all of your processes, procedures, company information, paperwork that details the relevant information per installation.

There are a number of ready made templated QMS systems that you can purchase or you can build your own around the standard.

You can also access our PAS 2030 resources and checklist which will provide you with more detailed information to what you would need in your QMS.

2. Competency

For PAS 2030 there are a range of energy efficiency measures:

B.1 Cavity wall insulation including that installed in party walls
B.2 Draught proofing
B.3 Energy efficient glazing and doors including replacement Insulating Glass Units (IGU)
B.4 External wall insulation
B.5 Flat roof insulation
B.6 Floor insulation
B.7 Hybrid wall insulation
B.8 Internal wall insulation
B.9 Loft insulation
B.10 Pitched roof insulation
B.11 Solar Blinds, Shutters and Shading Devices (internal and external)
B.12 Room-in-roof insulation
B.13 Insulation of existing park homes
C.1 Condensing boilers, natural gas- fired and liquefied petroleum gas-fired
C.2 Oil-fired condensing boilers
C.3 Flue-gas heat recovery devices
C.4 Heating system insulation(ducting, pipes and cylinders)
C.5 Heating, hot water system, air conditioning or ventilation controls and components
C.6 Hot water systems
C.7 Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
C.8 Under-floor heating
C.9 Warm-air heating systems
C.10 Water efficient taps and showers
D.1 Electric storage heaters (including electric warm air heating units that incorporate heat storage)
D.2 Lighting fittings, lighting systems and lighting system controls

For each measure you choose, you will need at least one installer per team to have the required qualification to meet the standard. For example for the insulation related measure at least one installer per team will need to have an NVQ Level 2 in Insulation and Building Treatments with the relevant pathway.

On top of this, you will need to demonstrate that all health and safety certifications are up to date and can be accessed and provided as evidence.

3. PAS 2035

PAS 2030 is interlinked with PAS 2035 which is the retrofit design element. To gain PAS 2030 the designs for the installation of the measures need to be be prepared in accordance with PAS 2035.

The assessor will be looking for evidence that this is the case.

Some organisations are provided the retrofit designs by their primary contractor who may have a qualified Retrofit Co-ordinator who have already fulfilled this requirement. Some organisations utilise external Retrofit Co-ordination services and some choose to have their own qualified Retrofit Co-Ordinator in house.

Assessment ready?

Once you have all of these elements in place, you will be ready for assessment.

Read our 10 Steps to Certification which provides an overview of the process from start to finish.

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